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March 2, 2007
Grabbing at straw


EDITOR: The NDP guys are a bunch of desperate people. One wonders why is this. Firstly, time is running out for Mr. Eustace, he is older than Dr. Gonsalves by a couple or so years and time is not on his side. He has lost two elections and will lose again if he leads the NDP in 2010-11. This means that he will never again be prime minister so like a drowning man he grabs at straws.

The release of Lawrence on National Security reasons is a straw Mr. Eustace and the NDP grab at. The march against the airport on the guise of marching against rats is grabbing at straw. To hope that the International Airport at Argyle will not be built or that the Rabacca Bridge will be washed away is grabbing at straw. To have an old M.N.U stalwart on their platform at Sion Hill – looking like Alice in Wonderland is grabbing at straw.{{more}} To encourage disrespect to the Prime Minister or spread lies and propaganda with the hope that they will get back into office is grabbing at straw. To have the notorious Dr. Turster week after week wielding and twirling his dishonest pen thinking that he is fooling us is grabbing at straw. To encourage hostility and strife towards anything ULP is grabbling at straw. Need I say more?

When Argyle International Airport becomes a reality Mr. Eustace will have to switch parties because the NDP will be history. Therein lies another reason for their desperation. The NDP’s desperation climaxed when Mr. Eustace, the leader of the opposition refused to come to the airport to meet the Venezuelian president. Does he think his absence will stop PetroCaribe or stop Venezuela’s contribution to the international airport? Does he think that the USA will help us construct the airport or give our students scholarships? Wake up Mr. Eustace and stop grabbling at straw – St. Vincent and the Grenadines is moving ahead under Dr. Gonsalves and the ULP.

The real truth is that the ULP is doing so well, poverty is declining, education levels are rising, employment is increasing, housing is increasing, the airport is coming, the roads condition is better. Vincentians returning home are expressing satisfaction about the way things are at home. More and more Vincentians are saying that Dr. Gonsalves should have been Prime Minister 15 years ago. St. Vincent and the Grenadines now has respect world wide. Everyone is saying that

Mr. Eustace is no leader and that the sorrowful site of the NDP and their sympathizers must not be put back in government so now you and I can see why they are so desperate.

Watching On