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February 2, 2007
Spokespersons hurting Eustace


Editor: So it seems Mr. Eustace and the NDP have decided the Gonsalves ULP government should be terminated by the middle of this year, at latest. This according to certain radio talk show hosts and web forum posters.

Eustace and the NDP were soundly defeated – 56% to 44% – in the last elections on December 07, 2005. They were defeated by a similar margin on April 28, 2001.{{more}}

Since coming to office, the ULP government headed by Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, introduced a number of programmes to be implemented during this term, that will surely deny the NDP the chance of winning the next general elections, constitutionally due some time in 2010 or 2111.

Faced with this stark reality, Mr. Eustace, seemingly advised by the likes of rabble-rousers Senator Cummings, E. G. Lynch, Junior Bacchus, Matthew Thomas and Frank Da Silva, has decided that the only way for him to regain power would be via the route he claims the ULP used in 2000 – namely: stoke public discontent, trade anger and surf on voter fury.

Mr. Eustace, via his NDP radio programme, created great expectations that his recent so-called address to the nation would have dealt with a decision recently made by the Mercy Committee. The address dealt with everything other than that issue. But Eustace used it to send out the threat (Eustace called it a solemn promise) to the Prime Minister that should Eustace not get a public explanation, he (Gonsalves) will see consequences like he never experienced since coming to office in 2001… And according to Senator Leacock, “the country is already ungovernable”.

Eustace is no Ralph Gonsalves. Unlike the Comrade, Arnhim lacks the ability to explain things clearly and concisely. And his leadership skills are sadly lacking. Hence, the NDP seems to be run by Lynch and Cummings. It (the NDP) is the weakest opposition party our nation has seen since the advent of parliamentary democracy in our blessed country.

But what are the real issues here that Eustace and the NDP are trying to use to sew seeds of public discontent? They surely could not include the recent decision of the Mercy Committee. Because since Mr. Eustace was briefed by the Prime Minister and Attorney General, he too seems to have sealed his lips with the glue of “National Security”.

Could the issues include the construction boom; the education revolution; the housing programmes; the international airport; the debt relief on the Ottley Hall project; the boost to the tourism sector; the completion of the Rabacca bridge; the hundreds of overseas scholarships awarded to poor Vincentians; the work of the Constitution Review Commission; the profile of the prime minister in the region and farther afield; the construction of schools, resource centres and police stations, etc.? These are issues that would surely spell defeat for Eustace and the NDP at the polls the next time around. Hence, the manufactured issues making the rounds on a few radio talk shows.

Mr. Eustace will be well advised to take a hold of his party and control the public statements made in its name. The NDP was elected to provide constructive and effective opposition to the ULP government. Vincentians expect nothing less.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.