Our Readers' Opinions
February 2, 2007

Power of forgiveness


Editor: Murder is something that we would have to live with, for the heart of man is desperately wicked. There is a small element in society who would link murder to the fault of the government, by saying that times are so hard, that the men have become frustrated and so commit this kind of crime. But if one is honestly looking at things from a non-partisan viewpoint it will be seen differently.

Ladies and gentlemen, most of the crimes are drug related. However, I would like to mention two important elements that have contributed to murders and they are: unforgiveness and lack of love.{{more}}

We have become so selfish and uncaring. We no longer love each other as ourselves. We no longer have care and concern for each other. Instead we have become so taken up with ourselves. We seem only to care for ourselves.

If there was love in our hearts, then many of the evils that are present in our hearts would not be there.

Many persons are not willing to let go of the hurts and past. They hold it in their heart and would seek revenge. People are no longer willing to work out their differences and forgive each other. So when they are unwilling to do so, it festers and soon it becomes like a sore. They then seek their own revenge. So many times, some of the killings are linked to revenge. A person may sell someone drugs and he has been ripped off. So instead of dealing with it in a peaceful way, he harbours that hurt and is not willing to let go of the hurt and forgive. He seeks his own revenge which results in murder. A man may encounter a bad experience from his lover, rather than dealing with the issue and have it solved. He seeks his own revenge. He does not forgive and move on. He kills. The list can go on and on.

If we want to minimize the murders in our land, then we as citizens have to let the Lord into our hearts, by repenting of our sins and turn to him. Then He will give us the power to forgive and move on, and also to love those who hate us and wrong us.

May God help us all to love and forgive.

Kennard King