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January 12, 2007
NDP misread Vincentian voters


EDITOR: Unable to stop the Comrade and the ULP’s magnificent performance in government, the NDP sought to win the 2005 elections by waging a personal hate campaign against Portuguese descendant and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

Of course, they also failed miserably, at their attempt at resurrecting communism. Their supporters are quite happy with cheaper gas from Venezuela, medical help and more scholarships from Cuba, and the contribution our neighbours are making in the construction of the international airport and several other projects.{{more}}

Seems the thinking from the racist NDP was that the majority population – and by extension the majority of voters – are Afro descendants and Gonsalves would be easy pickings if they play the race card.

The dotishness in all this is that the NDP, whose founder is not Afro descendant, misread the intelligence of Vincentians. This resulted in their second 56-44 per cent loss at the polls, in successive elections, to the Comrade.

But despite all this, and being unable, it seems, to deal with the real issues of the day, the NDP continues to hammer away at race – the race of the prime minister specifically. And it seems that any Vincentian, who is not of African descent, and appointed to any position in their country, comes in for severe race hatred from the leadership of the NDP.

Plain and simple folks, the vast majority of Vincentians care not whether a Vincentian be Afro, Indo, Euro or Carib. A Vincentian is a Vincentian.

Perhaps some of these racists may want to question why so many Vincentians are appointed to prominent positions in places like Canada, the USA and United Kingdom.

Maybe, just maybe, George Bush could have found a non-Black Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago from among the 298,444,215 (July 2006 EST.) Americans – less than 13 per cent of whom are Blacks.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.