Our Readers' Opinions
December 22, 2006

Police handled the murder scene badly

EDITOR: I have never before seen it necessary to write anything to the public until now.

The brutal and gruesome murder of a beautiful young lady stunned us all. However, what was even more shocking was the complete disrespect of how the crime scene was treated immediately after this incident occurred. The police failed miserably in handling the situation.{{more}} Persons being allowed to photograph such a graphic and grisly sight, and then have them disseminated electronically for all to see is something that I cannot comprehend. What is the motive? What is the state of mind of Vincentians to do something like this?

I received such photos by email but refused to view them, opting instead to delete them and perhaps that of the friendship of whomever sent them to me. The insensitivity involved in transmitting these photos is beyond belief.

It seems as though every Vincentian in the Diaspora received graphic and gruesome photos of some kind, and they continue to be circulated in the United States, Canada, Trinidad, and the UK. The most appalling of all, is that now, comparisons are being made as to whose photos are more gruesome; like trading baseball cards.

In 1963 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, immediately, the police and FBI agents confiscated all cameras that were in the area. To this day, conspiracy theories abound. However, I now understand why. Ask yourself this: Would you like pictures of such a nature, of any of your loved ones or yourself, be shown in this manner?

Please have some respect for the bereaved family and friends.

Vincy Diaspora Member