Our Readers' Opinions
November 17, 2006

Another successful year under ULP

EDITOR: As the curtain comes down on a very successful 2006, we can say ULP delivers.

It is clear what the government’s achievements were during the first year in the second term while some advisors of the NDP along with the deputy E.G. Lynch on “NDP FM” basically misleads the public everyday.{{more}}

ULP has delivered, just to name a few: The bridge over the Dry River; the Layou waterfront project; the building of new secondary schools; poverty reduction; cleanliness of the capital. More lower and middle income Vincentians have benefited immensely from the housing programme.

Hats off to the ULP.

Christmas is coming, remember shop wisely; go for what you need. However a little minority accuses government with their falsehood but ULP vision and obligations towards all right thinking Vincentians is to DELIVER.

May God bless us all.

W. Scipio