Our Readers' Opinions
November 10, 2006

Was Jomo ever invited to meet with the ULP?

EDITOR: I read Julian Francis’ letter concerning Jomo Thomas’ application for membership with interest. I wanted to laugh out loud at the folly of it all, but decided to write this short letter and ask Mr Francis and the ULP leaders a few questions.{{more}}

• Does the ULP really want to have Jomo Thomas as a member?

• In the 14 months since the card was ‘sitting’ in the office was Jomo Thomas ever invited to a meeting or other party activity?

• Was he assigned to a party group or constituency council?

• Did the party ever have a conversation with him about how best to utilize his obvious skills?

If none of these things was never done, Jomo should tell the ULP to take their card and shove it. I have been reading Jomo Thomas’ columns for years now. His wealth of knowledge is unmistakable. Any party serious about the long-term development of the country should have been glad to have him as a member. In fact, Ralph Gonsalves should be begging Jomo to join his party.

Anything else is game and Jomo should refuse to play.

Renee Pollard