Our Readers' Opinions
November 3, 2006

Jomo’s application accepted, signed

EDITOR: I must write as General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party to set the records straight.

Dr. Richard Cox wrote a long article in the SEARCHLIGHT of September 29th on the matter of Jomo Thomas’ membership in the Unity Labour Party which seems to have started a debate.

I wish to state categorically that Jomo’s application for membership in the ULP was accepted and his Party card (with membership #5280) signed since August of 2005 by the Political Leader and General Secretary. Jomo was so informed by the Political Leader himself, but the card is still sitting at the Party’s Headquarters waiting for Jomo to pick it up.

The system for collecting membership cards involves signing for it at the Party’s Headquarters or through the Constituency Council offices.

I trust this clears up the matter.

Julian Francis

General Secretary, Unity Labour Party