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October 26, 2006

Are you scared?

EDITOR: I am publicizing this incident so that everyone can see exactly how some of our Police protect and serve the good tax paying, law-abiding citizens of this country. I am scared and by the end of this article, I hope you will all be frightened enough to take measures to protect yourself from those who are sworn to protect and serve.

On Saturday, September 23, 2006 around midday, many of you would have noticed an accident at the Sion Hill crossing. You couldn’t fail to notice as it held up traffic. I had slowed down on approaching the bus stop and crossing, and eventually stopped my vehicle – a green RAV4 – to allow someone to cross the road. Suddenly I was hit from behind, the impact completely destroying the back of my vehicle and causing the floor to fold. No one was hurt. The driver was contrite and concerned and co-operated fully with the Police. He was driving a rental R9670 owned by Policeman Kurt King. Mr. King came on the scene, got on his cell phone and ignored everyone. He subsequently drove off after answering “Metrocint” to my question of with whom was he insured. {{more}}

Policeman Kurt King had the driver fixed his rental and showed no concern for my vehicle when I tracked him just as he was about to enter Canouan where he was stationed. He also expressed no concern when the young driver asked him about arrangements for my vehicle.

After numerous dead end phone calls to Policeman Kurt King, I wrote to the Commissioner of Police, copied the letter to Ministry of National Security, Police Public Relations and Complaints Department, Traffic Branch, and sent a copy to Metrocint. Both Acting Deputy Commissioner Brewster and Deputy Commissioner Pompey responded, but they can do nothing.

Can anyone answer these questions?

Is it legal for a Policeman to operate a business? (In this case a rental business).

Is it legal for him to rent to a 19 year old when he knew he was not covered for that?

Who is going to pay my mounting garage bills?

The driver of the rental is 19 years old. Policeman Kurt King knew that his insurance – Metrocint – does not provide cover if the driver is under the age of 25 years, yet he rented R9670 to the young man. To compound matters, Mr. King never reported the accident to his insurance, as he is obligated to do whether he is claiming or not. I called Metrocint Insurance to let them know what happened but they cannot accept a report from me. It has to come from the insured.

It has been over a month of tremendous inconvenience and “scrunting” ride. The awaited back door has arrived from overseas and soon my vehicle and the bill would be ready. It is not fair for me to claim on my insurance and incur the inevitable penalties for an accident that was not my fault, while Policeman King has gone his merry way with his vehicle already fixed by the young driver and his insurance intact. I hesitate to take the matter to Court for fear that it might be a lengthy trial at the end of which, if I win, Policeman Kurt King would do just as he is doing now, bluntly refusing to pay or make arrangements to do so, leaving me with additional lawyer bills.

Having said all this, I hope you are all well and truly scared. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU and maybe your child might be in the back seat and the Policeman who owns the vehicle that hit you is going about his business protecting and serving, leaving you with hefty garage and hospital bills.

Friends, citizens, countrymen … be afraid! ….. Be very afraid!

Catherine Lewis

Editor’s Note: This scenario was dealt with in Insurance Question Time on page 11B of this week’s Business Magazine.