Our Readers' Opinions
October 20, 2006

The columnists with nothing to say


EDITOR: There are regular writers in the three weekly newspapers of St Vincent and the Grenadines that need some shaking up; shaking off even! They have been writing for 20 years and more but never seem to touch the readers in any way. Their pieces (opinions) don’t stimulate radio/TV debates or discussions and are generally ignored.

What I do when I see their columns is “suck me teeth” and flick the page over. I can’t believe that any managing director would pay these writers for their opinions. How come they don’t pay me for those gems I have written over the years?{{more}}

The late Patrick Hughes wrote his fearless and interesting pieces for free.

Sadly missed.

I am suggesting to the managers of the newspapers that they vet most of these opinions before they are published. Charge some writers a fee to have their pieces published. Reject outright all useless opinions even if the writers offer to pay. Some of the best articles in the newspapers are written for free but a few columnists deserve payment for their articles.

Finally, a message to TOTAL FM’S FORMAT “more music less talk”. When I listen to the BBC radio’s I have pen and paper to take notes from the presenters’ great knowledge of music or other genre.

Getting some young person who knows little or nothing about music to play records is the perfect recipe for noise pollution.

Interesting talks make interesting radio.

Believe me!

Avil Cupid