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October 6, 2006

Courts shows that customers come first

Editor: I write this article as a follow up to last week’s article appearing in the Searchlight under the caption “Firms taking us for a ride”. Firstly I must thank the Editor of searchlight newspaper for publishing the article.

I wish to state here publicly that COURTS has cleared the concern with the customer. They have bent over backwards have ensured that the customer item was replaced. It is indeed commendable, that they could have gone out of their way to ensure that the customer is satisfied. {{more}}They made several calls to the manufacturer of the item and were regularly in contact with the manufacturer, but were limited in what they could have done.

It is therefore important for buyers to understand that a company has limitations but what was necessary is relevant communication to customers.

Sometimes a customer is lost as to what is going on, but communication on the side of both the customer and the company/firm is important.

Thank you COURTS for your solution and indeed demonstrating that you are a company who looks after the customer’s satisfaction.

Thank you

Kennard King