Heed the advice of Justice Bruce-Lyle
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September 29, 2006

Heed the advice of Justice Bruce-Lyle

EDITOR: I wish to comment on the issue of police brutality raised by Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle and Parnel Campbell QC last week.

The allegation of police brutality is still and always has been surfacing – why anything is not being done, I don’t know.{{more}}

I applaud Mr Campbell for supporting the call of Justice Bruce-Lyle for something to be done about police brutality.

I am happy to hear that Mr Campbell, a former Attorney General, is finally understanding the importance for the authority to do something.

A former Police Commissioner once said “Police come from the society – that’s why there are police (officers) in the force with shady characters”.

Acting Commissioner of Police Bertram Pompey being a lawyer should advise the relevant authority to put legislation in place to deal with those officers who need to be dealt with. I am hoping the Attorney General will understand the importance of such legislation – put it together, pass it to the Minister of Legal Affairs who happens to be the Prime Minister, he is always talking about poor people and their problems. Don’t disappoint us like Sir Vincent Beache when he promised us Integrity Legislation to deal with some politicians. I hope this country is not for the elite as was said by the Opposition.

I am hoping that the Human Rights Association, the Christian Council and the Bar Association heed Justice Bruce-Lyle and give this country their support.

Kingsley DeFreitas