Our Readers' Opinions
June 23, 2006
What could we do about unreasonable producers?

Editor: We are in the midst of the annual carnival season and the concern about music piracy is once again a hot topic of discussion.

How well do calypso/soca artistes and producers market their music?

Consumers will frown on music pirates when the music they need are available, reasonably priced and deserving of purchase.{{more}}

“Calypso Singers” (half of them can’t compose a calypso) must understand many of them do not have the material to produce a CD independently. The producers know that too, but they put all sorts of garbage on an album for a few dollars more.

In short, many producers and record studios are ripping off “calypso singers” and by extension consumers and the artform.

And the radio stations are ripping us off as well. They play much of this garbage on air because they are produced at a particular studio and done by their preferred artistes. The end result: a whole season passes and many good calypsos/soca tunes are not heard.

It is very easy to pounce on the pirates, but what do we do about unreasonable producers and radio stations?

And this is just one calypsonian’s opinion.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.