Our Readers' Opinions
May 26, 2006
Heavy roller has been traded in for a wheel barrow


EDITOR: The supporters of the Labour Party must surely be concerned as to the status of their once massive colossus and Heavy Roller.

The heavy roller has been traded in for a Wheel Barrow. It is a sorrowful sight but Labour’s lies and greed have brought this upon themselves.{{more}} Their love for foreigners over locals and their misunderstanding of their role as servants of the people, not their masters, has helped bring about the dilemma in which they now find themselves. All the old rhetoric about “money can’t done” has generated an immature and wasteful mentality resulting in an uncontrollable National Debt, which is now squeezing all of us.

Vincentians cannot remain foolish all their lives. They have now begun to recognize a political lie when it is thrown in their faces. Many have staked their loyalty and their lives on many a statement made by those called to serve, and took them as being true only to discover much later that were lied to again.

No one can feel good about marching with recognized flip-flops, to associate with such, means branding oneself. How can anyone with sense march in support of those who put on the Fuel Surcharge which is now killing poor people telling you it has to do with world prices -question why are we paying for a man’s ignorance.

These were the same people who told you to march about electricity, now you must shut up and accept how arrogant and senseless these individuals have become? Those called to serve have not proved themselves to be a Poor People’s Government; their fate is in the hands of the court of public opinion, yet their big-headedness continues. They are running and hiding from true democracy yet they want people to feel good about themselves and march.

The same young people who are being targeted with the foreign bands are unable to find a job having left school two and three years ago. People are BROKE yet others find funds to travel literally around the world accompanied by their wives and crime remains unchecked while incompetence runs the affairs of the day.

If Labour had given something to march for on Labour Day, people would have surely marched. Too many have been disillusioned by Labour to leave their beds to brave the hot sun of Kingstown.

The rewards from Labour are too few and far between. The promises of a better life have not materialized. Let the minority who benefit march, Let those who run up the Nation Debt march. March behind whom? You think that people foolish?