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May 19, 2006
Gov’t should say no to legalised prostitution


Editor: This is in response to Oscar Ramjeet’s letter in your May 12 issue “Should Oldest Profession Be Legalized?”

Isn’t it enough that stealing in the form of gambling (lottery) is legal in this and most Caribbean countries; drunkenness is simply laughed at; murder of the innocent (abortions) is tolerated; and fornication including adultery is no longer frowned upon?{{more}}

Are we willing as a society to refocus and rebuild the values that can make us a truly great though small nation and region? Or do we want to slide down the slippery slopes of social degeneration? It is a truism that what we sow, we will reap and usually one reaps far more than what is sown.

Sin (disobedience to God) will take us further than we want to go, keep us longer than we want to stay, and cost us more than we intended to pay. Isn’t it strange that the region vociferously opposed the passage of nuclear waste through the Caribbean Sea, and protested the uncontrolled dumping of waste by cruise ships in our waters (rightly so) and yet we seem willing to allow social, moral and spiritual garbage to gain honourable legal status in our lands?

Mankind is much more than a material being. We need to wise up. AIDS, other STI and teenage pregnancy are not the problems; they are symptoms of our widespread rebellion.

So should we legalize prostitution? NO! Absolutely NO!

Let us resist the decline and climb back to righteousness. We will be exalted by the Most High and his promises are sure. This is not just because of anything stated in the Ten Commandments given by God through Moses to the children of Israel, but because in the last will of God where Jesus Christ is the mediator, fornication (sexual intimacy outside of marriage) is clearly condemned. In almost every New Testament book there is some warning about fornication.

I therefore applaud the stance taken by the SVG Government on this matter and call on our people of all political and religious shades to support it. I urge that we continue to be strong and not indecisive on it. If CARICOM even succumbs, SVG must break ranks and stand for what is right. See Revelations 21:8 and 22:15.

J.H. Jack