Our Readers' Opinions
April 21, 2006
Find best alignment for Argyle airport

Editor: It is very wonderful that our country, our home land is really on its way to getting an International airport. From the time the NDP got in power, they promised to build us an international airport. I have been looking for that to happen, but they have failed to get us that airport.

Then here is the ULP and they are working well to see that we have our new airport. I am however concerned about the shortening or the runway by 220 metres. {{more}}To say it is unlikely to affect aircraft like the 747 is wrong. A Boeing 747-400 needs 3,520 to 3,580 metres for take off. It is however true that most aircraft have a shorter landing run. A B747-400 only needs 2,300 metres for landing.

The new airport can handle the landing, but for take-off it will need more runway distance taking

into account the added weight of fuel. Remember at take-off an aircraft has more weight, but at landing

it has less, as fuel is used up in flight.

The IADC will need to find the best alignment to maximize the length of the runway for take-off.

Overseas Vincentian