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April 13, 2006
Crime rate reaching alarming proportions

EDITOR: St Vincent recently recorded four murders and several other victims of crime in the space of one month, with Glenn Jackson’s death being the high point of them all.

In Jackson’s case Scotland Yard was called in and we still await the findings. That, however, reminded me of a situation in St. Kitts where Prime Minister Denzil Douglas “put his foot in his mouth” during his last press conference when he tried to pacify an angry public by mentioning the Scotland Yard Report into the disappearance of Billy Herbert and his fishing companions. {{more}}

It was rather interesting that Prime Minister Douglas had refused to accede to the request of Billy Herbert’s family for a full copy of the Scotland Yard Report. Over ten years have passed and they or the general public are yet to see the full Scotland Yard Report. The Government, in its attempt to malign the good name of Billy Herbert released a doctored version of the Report. The Report also had several pages missing.

Many, in this once peaceful paradise that was voted the freest nation in the world find four murders in one month alarming. It now appears that the present Labour government lacks the leadership or moral authority to govern as the crime rate spirals out of control.

A new Minister of National Security has not solved the crime problem. In fact, the number of brutal crimes has increased. The Labour administration has no clue as to how to deal effectively with the crime problem and so the situation is getting worse.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister continues to be absent from this worsening social crisis. The Prime Minister prefers to joyride around the world on taxpayers’ money while the citizenry lives in fear. Apparently, law and order is a figment of Labour’s imagination.

The time has come for all citizens to register their disapproval of the government’s handling of crime in our country. It is time that the Government is made accountable for its actions or inaction. We need new leadership now before it is too late.

Ernesto Cooke