Our Readers' Opinions
April 7, 2006
The assassin’s damage

by Oscar Allen

The assassin(s) who planned it and the hands that carried out “Operation kill Glenn Jackson” are sitting at home watching TV. They feel confident in their security, and from time to time they laugh a dirty laugh as they think about us. Yes, with the same bullet that fell the late Mr. Jackson, they slammed our guts, bruised our dignity, exposed our cowardice and emptiness and shamed us leaders and masses alike.

Glenn Jackson had been a community mobiliser, a mind speaker, and a party warrior, yet the community and the party only wailed for a week, mourned a fortnight and rolled over to watch things, to reflect and forget; the assassins knew that is how we stop. They smile.{{more}}

Glenn Jackson was personal aide to our Prime Minister, a close confidante. They slew him, a man near to Dr. Gonsalves. Doesn’t this suggest, among other things, that they have no great respect for, no great fear of, but rather they take liberties with, and hurl a not-so-quiet insult at he position and the person of the Prime Minister? Their barefaced attack on a seat of authority disturbs me. But the assassins only chuckle.

As an impresario, an entertainment organiser, and a media businessman, the late Glenn Jackson made room for artistes to interact, he worked with co-impresario and provided thousands of show goers with entertainment that they enjoyed. Yet it seems that his business colleagues and clients don’t know how or don’t care to come together against his assassins.

It is not the first time that an “Operation Kill…” has taken place in our land. And if we allow them, it will not be the last time. And when they do it with such impunity and confidence, a certain evil glory surrounds their deeds and their repertoire. Soon they attract young copycat killers, and we lose control. And then they walk, smiling among us.

I recollect that on one occasion at least, we faced an assassination, we called it “murder” and we found a scapegoat to hang. Already I hear a few scapegoat whispers but, friends, that only makes the assassins get bolder when we pick on scapegoats.

The immediate family of the late Mr. Jackson cannot easily close the chapter and move on with their lives. Their woundedness is deep and long, but their healer knows about wounds. What about us? Do we also feel the damage done in our spirits? Let us be frank. We are a damaged people. Assassins and others take advantage of us, but hardly anyone is calling and helping us as a people to mend. We help the assassins to hurt us.

many of us are ready to down our arms and almost embrace the assassins, and forget about justice. From this recent “Operation kill Glenn Jackson” can we raise and face a few concrete concerns about ourselves?

• Are we unable to admit that we are corrupted as a people? Look how readily we want to have a march against violence and crime but not against ourselves as accomplice!

• Are we afraid to call “HALT” to the dotish doctrine that having two political parties each fighting for power is the best way to build a society of respect for all?

• Who is measuring the distance between us as it gets wider and wider – separating youth from adults, ruling clan from non ruling pretenders, climbers up form slippers down, and who knows when the tipping point is close and pulls the alarm cord? Who stands watch over our disintegrating covenant as a community – the media, the church, the government or nobody?

An assassination is no joke. We must “respect” assassins for the corruption that has overtaken them and which they direct against us. They eat and drink violence and death. And yet, we must not fear them. If we do, then we are worshipping at their altar. We are telling ourselves that they rule. Assassins do not rule, and we must let them know that. We may have to take extreme measures to remove them from their position of impunity and confidence.

For a time, we may have to watch each arrogant man and each arrogant woman as a potential assassin and put up mental fences around them. But we also have to mould ourselves to care more and interfere more before things tip over and drown us in our fears. Remember in these times the wise instruction. Do not be afraid of assassins (and others) who can destroy the body (manners them), instead be afraid of the one who can destroy the soul.

Let us start a soul restoration campaign for our community – against those who planned and carried out “Operation Kill Glenn” and move against the accomplices that we have become.