Our Readers' Opinions
April 7, 2006

Mrs. Jackson has put us to shame

Editor: With her sterling example Mrs. Jackson has put us to shame. We are so often most vindictive to the ones closest to us for the most trivial of offenses, holding their failures over them for indeterminate periods of time, allowing un-forgiveness to sour that which should be sweet. {{more}}I catch myself doing it to my wife and children all too often. Mrs. Jackson’s example is humbling and is a point of departure for a voyage of great healing.

By holding onto hurts in resentment, vengefulness, and mounting anger we allow our memory of the events and people involved to become a well of darkness and bitterness inside us.

By choosing to forgive we flood that painful dark place with light and healing. When we forgive we are saying, yes, we suffered pain and loss at your hands but will not hold it against you. Although you don’t deserve it I release you.