Our Readers' Opinions
March 24, 2006

We have drifted away from God

Editor: There is no doubt that as a nation we have drifted away from God. We boast about being Christians yet our practices do not reflect such. We are a religious nation, but not a righteous nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, we no longer send our children to Sunday school; instead Sundays are used for dances, social activities, sports and many other activities except Praise and Worship. Our ladies dress in a very seductive way. We promote sexual behaviors on the radio via songs and advertisements. Then tell me, have we not drifted away from God?

Marriage is no longer regarded as sacred and many partners have become unfaithful. Then tell me, have we not drifted away from God? Children have become sexually active at an early age.

Some mothers have encouraged their daughters to have affairs with men for financial gain although those girls are at school. Many fathers are not there for their children. Then how can we control crime and teenage pregnancies?

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to get back to God. Respect the Word of God and church. Start to send our children to Sunday school and as adults we go to church and repent of our sins. The Christian needs to show the way by living a true Christian life and get to the highways and byways and present God’s Word. Only the Gospel could save this nation.

Only then we would see a reduction in crimes and a prosperous nation.

Kennard King