Our Readers' Opinions
February 24, 2006
Following the blind

Editor: The wearing of earrings by men, and tattoos have become very popular in this country.

Many persons are wearing these things out of sheer ignorance and following after the crowd to feel part. However if the truth must be told, these things are satanic and carry a negative message.{{more}}

Many men wear earrings as a fashion and to feel ‘macho’. It is even worn by persons who claim to be Christians as can be seen on TBN.

The wearing of earrings by men on the left side is a signal that one is a ‘homosexual’ and the wearing of it on the right side is a sign that one is promiscuous. Also they are both satanic and are worn many times as a means of protection from evil.

The tattoos also are placed on the skin ignorantly and sometimes as a fashion. However, research shows that Tattoo is satanic. It is done in the eastern religion and in the ancient days as a mark of association with satanic worship.

I therefore recommend that we follow the dictates of the Bible and lead a godly life. I urge that we desist from blindly following others and be ourselves.

Thank you

Kennard King