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February 3, 2006

SVG Rastafari at the crossroads

EDITOR: This is an open agitation to the church of his Majesty Theocratic Order of the Nhiyabinghi, to the International Rastafari Community and to the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I, Prophet Hezelee-I Rhoshaiyah Fetarri Ashanteez, would especially like to bless the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, for acting with integrity and impunity in having fulfilled his spiritual, providential indemnity condition, by initiating and implementing the diplomatic journey of repatriation of the African peoples to their ancestral heritage.{{more}}

I shall remind the Prime Minister that we the babes and sucklings in the Rastafarian faith are quite knowledgeable that the instrumentality of both Spain and Portugal was the historical catalyst of slavery. Therefore he, our Honorable Prime Minister, is the most fitting soul to have worked out his negative ancestral karma.

I shall also seek through this medium to reach out to Ras Iman-I (Ronald Hypolite), Ras Izaras (Philbert Bascombe), Ras Nigel St. Hillaire and Ras Bones (Cuthbert Cupid), and hail all of these fellows as still slumbering. They all still do not overstand that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. However, because of their intellectual stupor and backwardness, all these ‘fellows’ have miserably missed the train to Parliament. So Dr. Gonsalves’ segments to appoint Rasta Senators in the House was greatly handicapped.

I am also calling on Ras Joseph Delves to read again his Bible, of the prophecies of Daniel Chapter 7 vs 22, 27, Revelation Chapter 5 vs 12; and Psalm Chapter 149. I would like to call on Ras Junior Spirit Cottle to set the political tone for his brethren and sisteren in this country. Let me here and now warn all ‘fellows and fellars’ that power concedes nothing without a fight, it never did and it never will. Let all the Priests of the Most High wake up. My message is a very ‘Sirious’ and ‘Cyrus’ matter.

Prophet Hezelee-I Rhoshaiyah Fetarri Ashanteez