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January 20, 2006

Good luck, Sir Louis

EDITOR: The first time I heard Louis Straker I made him odds-on favourite to win the Leeward seat held by the NDP incumbent Herbert Young.

I have listened to Straker on many subsequent occasions and I must say that he always gives a good account of himself, full of bravado and confidence. {{more}}But I was not expecting him to win a Knighthood so fast…. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her advisors have better intelligence on Sir Louis Straker than I, so, I can can only congratulate him on winning such a prestigious award. Though a Newspaper in SVG asserted recently: “Let the Queen and the British people keep their award-– we want our own,” I believe that Louis Straker can look forward to winning many more awards from other friendly countries like Taiwan, Cuba and Venezuela. But he will have to hang around far too long to get one from SVG.

At this rate Straker might even outshine the political scientist. I congratulate you, Sir Louis Straker. Good Luck and God bless.


Avil Cupid