Our Readers' Opinions
January 20, 2006

E.T. Joshua Airport needs PM’s attention

EDITOR: Airports and the issue of airport development have been on the ULP’s agenda over the last four (4) years.

I am supporting Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ proposal for an International Airport at Argyle because there’s need for such a project. {{more}}

In the ULP’s first term in office, Sir Vincent Beache was the person responsible for airports and their development but I never heard him on airport development; it has always been the PM. Sir Vincent is no longer in office; Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves is the person who is responsible for airport. There are some things at E.T. Joshua Airport which I need to draw to our PM’s attention.

There are three generators at the airport; only one is working. Persons who are working in the tower cannot turn on the generator. The question is, why?

Security is still a big problem; parking is also a problem. Also, persons working at the airport don’t want to wear their I.D. Cards.

Is it not against the regulations for planes to stop on the runway? There is a lack of maintenance at the airport and there are hardly any policies at the airport to maintain law and order. Why? I don’t know!

The airport has two vehicles which are being abused by their drivers. These are some of the things that need your urgent attention, so please, Dr. Gonsalves, give these your serious attention.

Our PM spoke on several occasions about safety; I am wondering if there is any communication between airport and the relevant authorities.

Please Mr. Prime Minister, look into these complaints and make a difference. It’s all about our safety and if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. DaSilva or Mr. Browne.

Kingsley DeFreitas