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January 6, 2006

ULP won elections fair and square

EDITOR: The General Elections have come and gone(December 7, 2005) the Unity Labour Party (ULP) won.I think it was FREE and FAIR. The people have spoken and we all should respect their right to vote for a party of their choice and that’s what they did.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) members are saying things were not right, but that’s all in their heads, I think they should accept they lost, and move on. {{more}} I have heard persons like Mr. F. DaSilva, Mr. Leacock, Mr. Cummings and Mr. P. Matthews saying things were bad, but I think I heard Mr. Eustace saying the ULP won. He seems to have changed his mind when those I mentioned before began putting on their side show. It left me to wonder who really is leading the NDP?

Yes! I was disappointed in the way the election went, I was looking for nine (9) six (6) in favour of the ULP, because I think we needed a bit more opposition so Dr. Gonsalves can’t do as he feels.

I notice three new senators on the government side and one on the opposition. The ULP seems to be preparing themselves for change in the future.

I think Senators Forde and Marks are excellent choices, but I don’t support the appointment of Mr. R. Williams as Senator, my reason being his father was disappointing as a representative, so based on his father’s legacy, guava don’t bare lime.

R. Williams NO! Curtis King YES! Miss A. Young was given to us as Senator, but she fell on the way side, this is what is going to happen to Senator Williams. Our people need someone who is more grounded, someone who can give respect and earn respect.

I am wishing the PM and his government all the best until the next time when we win the election in 2011.

Kingsley DeFreitas