Our Readers' Opinions
January 6, 2006
Some irregularities in North Windward

EDITOR: Kindly allow me some space in your newspaper, to bring to the attention of the public, a few of the many irregularities that occurred in the North Windward constituency, leading up to and inclusive of the December 7th general elections.

1. I saw on the final list of voters, at least two persons who I had objected to as being eligible for registration during the special 15-day registration period. {{more}} They were not registered at the designated centres, so I believe that the registration officer can tell us where he registered them.

2. At least 40 voters from one polling station in Sandy Bay had their names included on the final list to vote in North Windward, although we had objected to their inclusion during the enumeration exercise. They have been living outside of the constituency for several years.

3. A gentleman from Owia who had been living abroad for about 20 years, was greeted upon his return to the island, with a new ID card.

4. In a number of cases, longstanding voters from Overland/Sandy Bay could not find their names on the North Windward list. One person had to vote in New Grounds (South Central Windward) and the other in Belair (West St. George).

5. On Elections Day, a voter was issued with a ballot paper by the presiding officer at the gate of the Langley Park Government School, instead of entering polling Division F1, located at the said school.

6. On Tuesday night, (December 6th), on or around 10 p.m., a team of ULP officials headed by a leading politician in this country, went into the villages of Overland, Sandy Bay, Point and Lower Owia and handed out packages containing money. What was the intent of this gesture?

7. On Elections Day, a leading ULP official was seen several yards outside of polling Divisions F and F1 (Langley Park) greeting persons as they went to the polling stations and giving them small packages. This same official was also seen outside of polling Division I, located at the Water Works Office doing the same thing.

I know that each of us has a conscience and whether or not we want to admit it, we must deal with it now or then. My conscience is clear, because I did nothing illegal or unscriptual in my quest for political office. Can all of us say the same? These elections were definitely NOT FREE nor FAIR. God knows best and he will deal with us in his good time, especially those of us who are called Christians and are condoning wrong.

Elvis Daniel