Our Readers' Opinions
December 16, 2005

Take warning, Comrade Ralph

Editor: Thanks for allowing me space in your valuable newspaper to congratulate the United Labour Party for winning at the polls and the New Democratic Party for putting up such a good fight.

The ULP for the past five years had good intentions and looked progressive, thus they deserved a second term to really prove themselves. I must hasten to say that the party made a lot of mistakes and could have done a great deal more. {{more}}Some candidates like Mike Browne, Dougie Slater and Jerroll Thompson will have to ‘step up’ and realize their true potential. They will have to demand more space from the Comrade Leader and be more assertive.

The close results in terms of percentage is a ‘wake-up call’ for the ULP. Vincentians are willing to work along with you for a next term but you will have to come better than that. Take warning, Comrade.

The NDP on the other hand did well to keep the ULP on its toes but have shown no signs that it is ready to take on the reins of power to carry the country forward. They have not shown that the party is ready to turn a new page and sever links with the corrupt regime of James Mitchell. Mr. Eustace must come clean and let his works be seen.

It is a blessing in disguise that people like ‘Major Sin Clear’ and ‘Stone Church Cummings’ were not elected to serve Vincentians at governmental level. Could you imagine how these gentlemen would have acted? We don’t want to go to the days of King Arthur and Graffie.

The people have spoken, let us all respect the results of the elections and move on. This is another chance for us to work together and build this blessed country of ours.

Kala Saddi