Our Readers' Opinions
November 25, 2005

Stand tall for you are on the right side

EDITOR: I write to you as a man who suffered the ill treatment of my very own sister earlier on in your administration. I experienced the disgusting removal of my own flesh and blood, Heather Williams, from the Vincy Mission in New York. At that time I was ashamed of my own Government and its agent.

But that was yesterday. That occasion is less than the general torment and lifelong suffering of my own people.{{more}}

So over the years I have witnessed the superb performance of a divine given citizen. I have had to take back my own premature condemnation of your efforts. I, too, made a mistake based on personal and family experience. I am a warrior, I should have known better.

You have done us proud at home and abroad. Now conversations around the world include St. Vincent. They include us because you are mastering what you know best: to restore human dignity to every Vincy soul. Don’t give up. Don’t tarry! Move straight ahead!

I want you to spend less time on the opposition. Give them not even a second of your valuable breath. NDP is not a choice. It is a chronic obstacle to our people’s freedom and progress. Ignore them at all times.

I pray that you base your campaign on your ledger of strength and you are not short of that. You have a positive column of significant pluses and credits.

In my lifetime, in the existence of the mis-called Third World Nations … not a single leader has been able to lift the pride and joy of his people in a single semester. I say this to assure you that your supporters around the world are pleased with your performance.

Comrade, when a leader strenuously exercises his political machinery to steer his nation into a scholastic rainbow it says that he is preparing his citizenry for the universal marketplace. The results from your “Education Revolution” will not only assist the Vincy people to rise above standard reading. But it will affect the entire world many times over. It means that a Vincy may one day soon be involved in the great scientific space exploration and the list goes on. It means our small nation can now prepare itself for the global market. Einstein said: “Imagination is the preview of the world to come.” I think that fits you.

I want to remind you to remind those who are leading in the “Arena of Garbage Politicking” to examine your contributions and put aside your academic achievements. For Vincy is not short of brains. Let them match you in “Life’s preparations” for the task that God has placed on your table. Nothing can be done without preparation. And you are majestically prepared! You were touched.

Comrade, you were chosen. You were prepared by the hands of our maker. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Go on about your task. You have our prayers. You have our blessings. You are not alone. Worry no more.

Stand up amongst them all. Stand tall for you are on the right side of your people’s history. You have bridged the Caribs with their other brothers and sisters to the South. You have crossed the country by road. And, a Turk will soon be able to “He” in London and “Cup” in Argyle. (Hiccup). You have taken disconnected Ethiopians to Africa. You have restored Vincy Pride at home, within the Caribbean civilization and around the world….

Like David, we have zero time for the scattered leftovers from a 17-year-old regime that seemed to have served only the pockets of designated culprits.

All of those in East St. George should remember that it was my idea to bring to East St George the fellow Son Mitchell and Milton Mayers. I had invited them to Calliaqua. I was only 17-years-old. At that point in our history the Labour party had run its course. It needed new energy or a replacement. Mitchell appeared to be prepared at the time. Humanity was at stake. Labour was into the third term syndrome of relaxation. Our People’s souls were exhausted. Mitchell became a choice by opportunistic default. That was 21 years ago. Today Burgin is the man of the hour.

I am in Miami, Florida. I serve as a Christian leader on significant community projects. We are inviting you to spend a weekend with us here.

Comrade, the God of our earth has chosen you to serve. Don’t let your master down. You have the blessings. Go on and devour the untruths of those who prefer a lesser content of humanity.

Say hello to Dr. Thompson and the most suffered Mike Brown for me.

Jah guide!


The Grandson of Labour Party’s Original

John Dougan