Our Readers' Opinions
November 25, 2005
Nzimbu banana art show was truly spectacular

EDITOR: All pieces done by NZIMBU were spectacular. I couldn’t pick a favourite. It was as if the pictures were telling stories of long ago. The way the monochromatic colours blended together to form pictures was amazing. {{more}}

I later found out that the blend of colours was obtained from the grendy plant, maughfaughbaugh plant, the banana plant, silk, fig and plantain bark. I took a liking to a particular piece of work entitled, “Summer Festival”. I appreciated the way the colours in the picture came together. The scene depicted people dancing and enjoying themselves, it also translated a mood of liveliness and happiness. The costumes and designs that were in the drawing left me speechless.

The prices for the art work also reflected Nzimbu’s extraordinary craftsmanship. Obviously Mr. Browne put a lot of time into his work and produced masterpieces.

Nzimbu also stated that he did not do all of his work at once. It took weeks, sometimes months before it came together. So congratulations, Mr. Browne. You have served our country well!!!

Cerelia Aberdeen

Form 2 Connell

St. Vincent Girls’ High School