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November 11, 2005
You shattered my dreams!

Editor: I must congratulate Ms Murphy for her outstanding comment about the Prime Minister and the relationship with his son Camillo Gonsalves in an article on Friday 4th November.

It’s a parent’s responsibility to take care of his or her children, and to set good examples to them as well.

You wrote to all scholars in this country who are obviously jealous of the Prime Minister’s brilliant mind. {{more}}

Your Prime Minister is not brilliant, his performance as a leader of this country is very poor, and dishonourable.

As a leader of a country, he should be a role-model to his country and stop being dishonest to citizens of this country.

I heard Mr. Julian Francis boast on National Television on Sunday night that he got 75 cents a square foot for land for his people of Roseau Village in Kingstown. But Mr. Prime Minister took Mrs. Dennie’s estate in Cumberland and wants to give her 18 cents a square foot; this is jealousy and bad-minded of the Prime Minister.

You took advantage of the widow, she worked very hard in the country of Trinidad and Tobago to accomplish and achieve her dreams.

As a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and living abroad, it was a joy to return to my beautiful island of St. Vincent after achieving my dreams; but Mr. Prime Minister, you shattered my dreams. After learning of Mrs. Dennie’s crisis, many of us are afraid to return with our hard earned money.

Mr. Prime Minister, stop being unfair to our fellow citizens, we want to come back, after working hard in the cold, to live with peace of mind. So make St. Vincent a better place for you and other Vincentians to live.

Vincy visiting

Rosita Andrews