Our Readers' Opinions
November 11, 2005
Michael, and my father

Editor: Referring to comments made Sunday night, I would like to make a public appeal to Mr. Julian Francis.

I am asking you not to piggy-back on Michael Hamlett. Michael has been dead four years and two months now. Campaign on your own strengths. Any praises should have been showered on Michael while he was alive. I am asking you to let Michael’s and my father’s souls rest in peace.{{more}}

Neither of them is now in any political party, nor can anything you do at this time be for them.

You and Michael have two completely different personalities as far as I am aware; my parents never adopted anyone.

Your parents are both alive, respect them, appreciate them, honour them, do things that would make them proud of you and stand by you, on and off the rostrum.

I think you would best honour both Michael, and my father, and on a whole, the family, by leaving their names out of the political campaign, and stop playing on my mother’s emotions.

Campaign on your own strengths.

“Whate’er the future brings, our faith will see us through, may peace reign from shore to shore, and God bless and keep us true.”

Sylvia Hamlett-DeFreitas