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November 4, 2005
ULP team deserves another term

EDITOR: It is my intention to “big up” all the ULP candidates who are contesting the upcoming General Elections. I shall be writing about their individual achievements and what they hope to achieve in their second term. It is fitting that I interject here that “ONE GOOD TERM DESERVES ANOTHER.” This brief generalization should be taken as a foundation to my upcoming articles.{{more}}

Progress in any area is closely linked to performance. Since this is the case, the NDP government of James Mitchell/Arnhim Eustace (1984-2001) has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. There is evidence of mismanagement and poor governance everywhere. This has left the country reeling in debt.

No right thinking Vincentian could afford to overlook or dismiss from his/her mind the Ottley Hall waste and the wantonness on the project, and the comical and embarrassing performance of some of the key players during the inquiry. Vincentians (those who care) are looking forward eagerly to a proper closure of this fiasco. May the perpetrators be brought to justice soon.

The foregoing may not even be considered as the macro let-down by the NDP. On the whole their performance over the 17-year period leaves much to be desired and borders on disaster.

On the other hand, the ULP during their 4 1/2 years in office have performed creditably. Their efforts have yielded much fruit. The country today is reaping the benefits of their labour – in housing, in tourism, in EDUCATION, in sports, in culture, etc, etc.

If Mr. Eustace and his NDP team and supporters are open to good advice and have an interest in helping the country in its forward move, I will recommend that they join the ranks of the ULP.

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