PM setting good example for fathers
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November 4, 2005

PM setting good example for fathers

Editor: I don’t understand why everyone is in a snit over the treatment of Camillo Gonsalves by his father. I had no idea that it was wrong for a father to look after his son and give him new experiences. If my father was as good to me as the Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gobsalves is to his son then maybe our relationship might have been better.

Imagine how proud the Comrade would have been to hear his son stating proudly that he had the smartest and most brilliant dad in the Caribbean, putting him in the same league as the Region’s Nobel Laureates. Personally I think it’s jealousy and bad-mindedness that have them talking.{{more}}

So what if he secured a job for his son. I’m sure Camillo is qualified for the position. I think we can all appreciate a man who looks after his kids even after they’re grown. Some men I know don’t even acknowledge their children.

I know that the Honourable Prime Minister had good reasons for taking his son to Venezuela, Cuba and Ethiopia. Why Dr. Fraser had to cast doubt on it is beyond me. Really, how can men of that stature question the Prime Minister’s judgment. Is it not obvious that the Prime Minister wants to give his son as much experience as possible?

If you want to attack the Prime Minister on his performance, that’s ok, really, it is. After all it’s election season and I suppose that is to be expected, but when you start to question the Prime Minister’s motive in terms of his performance as a father, well then that’s another story.

This is to all the scholars in this country who are obviously jealous of the Prime Minister’s brilliant mind, his relationship with his son, his outstanding achievement in fatherhood and all the progress he’s making in the country. There is nothing you can do to stop the MAN. Of course we know that Ralph is the MAN.

You can write all the articles you want and make all sorts of innuendos but really do you think you are any match for the Prime Minister? I think not.

I know you must feel lacking in the presence of the Prime Minister but that is really no excuse for the uncalled-for attacks on him. Accept the fact that you are no match for him academically and otherwise and we won’t think badly of you if you do.

Shelia Murphy