Our Readers' Opinions
October 21, 2005
If I could have, I would have!

EDITOR: I often wonder how many times certain important issues must be raised before they are adequately addressed by those who have the authority to do so.

The loud and unpleasant ‘music’ played by most mini van drivers is cause for concern. Please allow me to briefly share one of my most recent experiences that have driven me to express this concern through this medium. {{more}}

About a week ago, I entered a mini van just after 7 a.m to journey to my workplace. Of course, that being a normal working day, I joined other passengers including schoolchildren. I seated myself as comfortably as can be before reaching into my bag for a novel to continue some reading that I had begun earlier that morning. No sooner had I begun when I felt the van vibrating-due to the heavy music (so called). Unfortunately, I was forced to end my reading! Not only was I unable to concentrate on the material, but I was angered and disgusted with the whole situation including the silence (or rather empty talk) of those responsible for enforcing the law concerning noise in ‘public’ transport.

Moreover, I became even more discontented when I kindly asked the conductor (seemed like he was in control, and with the remote-control too) to turn down the noise. He responded with subtle aggression, ‘Tanty, me can’t do notin bout dat…is so de CD stap. .e can’t tun down.’ I thought it best to end the conversation, since my seating position(which had changed) rendered it inappropriate to respond to the uncooperative footman. In any case, it may have been futile to persist with him, since he was bent on keeping his ‘music’ loud even if it meant discomfort and misery to some passengers.

By now you may be asking why I chose to endure such a situation when there are other vans. Well, sad to say, but true, the situation is the same in the majority of vans.

Sometimes, it is also difficult to get a van after a certain hour in this particular area, so… there is not a wide choice. Additionally and most importantly, the question here should not be about my choice to remain or not to remain in the bus. The major issue at hand is the inconsideration of those (drivers and conductors) who need to learn the meaning of providing quality service, and the serious action that must be taken by those who have the authority to enforce the law.

Mr. Law officers, sir/s with such responsibility, please act immediately and effectively. You have a duty to ensure that laws are enforced and upheld, and also to prosecute the offenders if and when needs be. This is for the protection and preservation of every citizen. Yes, this is your specific duty. Do it…IF I COULD HAVE, I WOULD HAVE.

Ann-Marie John