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October 7, 2005
Are we just a mediocre society?

Editor: I recently read an article written by Dr. Jules Ferndinand about the dangers of being content with mediocrity. The article brought home a painful truth and worrisome trend that continues to scare me. This tendency to just get by with the minimum pervades our society at all levels and sadly we are passing it on to our children. {{more}}A few examples come readily to mind:

1. Recently, the Prime Minister offered $500 to students who gained 5 or more O’Levels including Math OR English. Why not Math AND English! When I was growing up, parents and teachers insisted that we passed both Math AND English. We are doing a serious injustice to our children when we encourage them to just get by with the minimum. And what about striving to get a high grade? In my day a person with 5 Grade 3s at O’Level would not be rewarded in any way, because a Grade 3 was not even considered a pass.

2. Each day I see young employees content to sit around and waste time. Some prefer to read a novel or just sit and chat. Many complete assignments, but in their own sweet time, while others do exactly as they are told and not a bit more! They are incapable of working unsupervised, do not use their initiative and are simply satisfied to exist. Collecting a paycheck is all that counts. Yet how can I blame them; society has trained them this way.

3. My heart aches for children who are made to believe that placing 1st with 50% or less is great. Their parents proudly announce, “E come fuss yo know”. Unfortunately some are ignorant about the importance of percentage points and cannot be blamed.

I can go on and so can your readers. The result of this all this complacency is a mediocre society that will be left behind on all accounts. I’ve always believed that the success of a nation depends on its people. If we do not get out of this dangerous rut, we are only sabotaging the progress of our nation.

Striving for the Best