Our Readers' Opinions
September 9, 2005
Who the cap fits!

EDITOR: After reading about the conflict between different groups of Nyabinghi brothers over the legalisation of the order, I realised that very little has changed over the years.

My experience has shown that many are stumbling blocks within the movement.

I know of many strong black women and men who came to the tradition of Rastafari to build and contribute but were verbally abused, sidelined, labeled and “burnt down” by some (most) who claimed the helm of this movement.{{more}}

This situation is most appalling. It is difficult to forget the transition Rastafari has made through the ages. This culture has the correct concept and need to practice the words of His Majesty. Today, when we have gained some semblance of freedom, those that mostly fight us are ourselves.

We are at the stage when our youths are no more sucklings but will enter into the world for modern academic achievements.

What have we done for them in terms of an educational contribution to their life? Do they know fully their African Heritage? Do we have plans to put in place a system of education of the highest standards to cater for their needs as children with intelligence and intellect? Where is the spring in which these young minds sip and learn new inventful things? This is what will keep our youths attached to the Rastafari Culture.

It will take practical initiatives with the right focus, collectivity, humility and the consciousness of man, woman and child who represent the divine tri-unity.

We need to show the prototype set out by His Majesty in his words and Her Majesty in her works. Take stock, ignorance and talk without works cannot run things any longer. The destructive forces in the Rastafari Tradition – you know who you are- have to realize the damage they have done to the culture of Rastafari.

If you don’t stop with this self-righteous attitude you will not be spared. Just like any other wicked man.

Urcina “Ashak-I” Thompson