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September 2, 2005
Overwhelmed by ‘Visual Revolution’

EDITOR: I am more than overwhelmed at this Visual Revolution.

I call it another revolution because never before in my life have I heard anything like this.

It must be a spiritual vision that would have enlightened and guided Dr. Gonsalves to go to Cuba to seek help to restore vision in the eyes of our people.{{more}}

Blindness is awful, I guess when one is blind, it is

accepted, and has hardly, if any hope, to see again. But Poor Vision?

When cataract, or some eye condition has partly blocked one’s vision, I tell you it is frustrating. It retards ones mobility, tarnishes ones appearance, depresses immensely, it even causes one to think evil or sinful believe me, I’ve been there.

If I were a blind or even half-blind person and were to be offered the chance to choose something precious in life I would say like the blind man: “Only that I may receive my sight.”

It is said that there is a light at the end of a tunnel, that is a very happy thought, but have we ever stopped to think where that light could be coming from?

Someone once said (and this gives me great humour) that it could be the light of a big train coming towards you, at least, what is important, is that you can see it. There is hope.

I will encourage Dr. Gonsalves to continue to take time out to seek God’s direction and keep focused therein. HEALTH is first priority. It starts with the eyes, true in every sense. Where does the doctor first look during his examination? In the eyes, right?

Dr. Slater says Vision Now. Well Slater we all have already seen the vision – you stand firm for another term. Our people are not ungrateful because they know that is worse than witchcraft. They tried to make a talk about who helped and who shouldn’t help to clean the water from the flood at the hospital, but I know you will need no help when the land slides at the polls.

When the first batch of eye patients return from Cuba and are able to see.

That’s another story.

A Positive Critic