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August 5, 2005
CSME is a diplomatic attack against the poor, uneducated and under privileged

EDITOR: The CSME is a diplomatic attack against the poor, uneducated and under privileged of the societies of the Caribbean.

If a single economy is created for a group of peoples, then all the people are to share or benefit in that said economy. {{more}}

To give benefits or privileges to one sector of that community and deny others is partiality and preferential treatment.

It is prejudice and discrimination against the poor and uncertificated – (even though they are as competent or better).

How can a government say it will permit foreign nationals to come to its shores and absorb the benefits of trade as opportunities provide and thereby profit, and reciprocate such agreement to other countries? But alas, it is only for the learned, the specially talented, but not for the unfortunate who have not yet attained such acceptable standards or elitist group. Can the already disadvantaged, unlearned, uncertified person ever rise from their hole of misfortune and prosper to better himself if what little opportunity present is allowed to be taken by a foreigner, and then to add insult to injury, he is prohibited from going abroad to seek a chance to make a gain?

How in the world can men deemed to be learned and acting on behalf of their fellow citizens, devise such grievous and abominable principles and practices. To set up such international leagues and unions is to ensure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! This is gross injustice to the down trodden. They shall be trampled into the dust of the earth, rot and forgotten.

The CSME is not what it is called. For whom is it a Single Market? Can an unskilled, uncertified person in St. Vincent freely go to Port of Spain in quest of a better life? If anyone needs to be allowed free movement; it is this same group of people. They too need to search for a living.

Any person of whatever status, financially or educationally, living in say, St. Vincent and the Grenadines can freely travel to any other part of the land anytime he pleases and seek employment or set up business without obstruction from police or other governing body. All subject to the same rule, same freedom. That is a Single Market and Economy. Free for all from anywhere. Likewise, in this Caribbean territory, if there is to be a Single Market and Economy of the islands, that concept must prevail – that, or nothing whatsoever.

Planners, think again.

This CSME as proposed is the ultimate solution for the absolute dissolution of the poor and disadvantaged from society.

The CSME is diplomatic/political gallows.

(Isaiah 10: 1,2) “Woe to them who decree unrighteous decrees, and who write grievousness which they have prescribed, to turn aside the needy from justice, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless.”

Alvin Rodney