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July 1, 2005
Just tell the truth about Bad Lads

Editor: We understandably believe what we see and hear on T.V. or read in the newspapers. Sometimes however, what we see or hear or read about in the media may not be necessarily true.

In the T.V. news on May 14, the Executive Secretary of the C.D.C tried to give the impression that things were so great with Mas that they had refused to accommodate bands to participate because of late registration. {{more}}

I found that statement strange since the same Executive Secretary admitted to me that no registration date or deadline was ever publicised.

Maybe it would have been nearer to the truth to say that they did not object to keeping us out due to financial constraints on their part and at the instigation of certain members of the Carnival Bands Association (CBA).

The Executive Secretary’s statement was, in my opinion, simply an attempt to placate members of the public, as well as some members of the CBA who were very upset with this decision.

Be assured, however, that there is no animosity on my part towards the CDC, or even towards those members of the CBA, who, for selfish reasons conspired to keep us out.

I simply want the truth to be told.

E. ‘Sheggy’ John

Bad Lads and Lasses