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May 27, 2005
The law not binding?

Editor: ‘The LAW not binding?’…This is not the answer for crime escalation in society.

In all wisdom and holy conviction, at this moment I rest the issue of women preaching until Joel Jack comes to the sound knowledge of truth by reasonably comparing scripture with scripture ( Isa. 28:10;11Tim.2:15). It is proven fact that the Bible is not contradictory. With a willing heart and love for truth (Ps.119: 142,172) and righteousness, harmony must be found.{{more}}

I am sure that Vincentians are again saddened by the disturbing crime escalation in our small society, which seem to get more horrendous! Truly, this is a sign of lack of natural sensitivity and restraint.

‘Old woman raped, killed… man slapped with three murder charges’… the horror and lawlessness go on. What is even more shocking is the answer given by some ‘religious’ men to the growing crime concern as in the following:

“Sadly, too many people cannot see beyond the Ten Commandments that God gave to Israel under a covenant that is no longer binding.” Joel H. Jack

Every right-thinking, law-abiding citizen should be appalled by the above statement.

It is in the same Ten Commandment Law that God condemns the act of murder. However, Jack emphatically states that this law is no longer binding. This is open rebellion against God, Joel Jack. Is it because you reject the 4th Commandment, which says to remember the Sabbath (Exo.20: 8-11)?

When men teach rejection of God’s commandments, it should be no wonder that the crime rate continues to climb. Every nation has its laws, which command respect and obedience; doesn’t the Creator of heavens and the earth have laws to govern the being He has made? It is the law that condemns and points out sin. The apostle Paul says ‘…I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, thou shall not covet.’ (Rom.7: 7)

Paul speaks contrary to what many (like Joel Jack) claim today. The apostle shows the purpose of the law. He never says that grace frees us from obedience to God’s law:

For by grace are ye saved through faith…Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: Yea, we establish the law. (Eph.2: 8; Rom.3: 31)

Nowhere in the scriptures can we find that the 10-Commandment law is abolished or is no longer binding. Surely we find that the converted man is not condemned by it. This is because he is spiritually minded-in Christ (Rom.8: 6-8). This does not show that the man does not have to be obedient to the Commandments. This claim is irrational!

Think about this: we have laws existing in society, yet so many murders…take place. Could you imagine not having law at all? What chaos! So, if society’s laws are binding, what about God’s? By the way, under examination one sees that many laws in society reflect God’s laws in regards to the protection and preservation of individuals’ rights.

If the scriptures are not sufficient to convince you of the necessity of God’s law, and the judgement brought upon the disobedient (Isa.24: 1, 3, 5; Num.15: 32-36), the history of France may awaken your mind. Study the history of this nation, which once cast off the restraints of God’s law and openly defied Him. Terrible were and are the results!

Again, I reiterate, with scriptural authority (Is.24:5), people’s unwillingness to obey and teach God’s commands is the reason for so many crimes like murders, thefts, rapes, sodomy…The problem in society is not women preaching. The problem is transgression of God’s holy law. As a result of this transgression, man has no respect for his neighbour.

The real problem is rebellion against God’s law; it is an open disregard for God’s commandments and the law of the land (1 Jn3:4). This is the real DANGER.

N.B: Solution – The truths of Christ in the mind to bring people in obedience to His law.

Ann-Marie John