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May 13, 2005
Give everyone an equal chance

Could anyone tell me what is wrong with the chief spokesman for Digicel in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the OECS, going on national television urging people to vote for the Vincentian entrant in the Digicel Star Search competition?

Last Tuesday night, I was shocked to hear our own Jerry George pleading with viewers to vote in their numbers for Vincentian Kiokya Cruickshank. {{more}}

Now, Kiokya has a great voice and she has been impressive throughout the competition, but wouldn’t the urging of Digicel’s Public Relations Manager for the OECS diminish her achievement if she wins? Imagine, Digicel is hosting a talent competition throughout the Caribbean and a number of people have entered, but on reaching the final three its spokesman goes live on television urging people to vote for a particular candidate. What will the other candidates think? What will people from the other islands think? What will the judges think? Wouldn’t people start wondering if this was competition was specially and specifically designed?

After all, this is not a case of a Digicel candidate battling it out against another from Cable & Wireless. If it were so I would understand the bias, but these are all Digicel contestants from around the Caribbean vying for supremacy in a Digicel talent show. What is the company’s position? Is it more in favour of one contestant over the others? Something has to be morally wrong with this.

Just for argument’s sake, supposed the National Cultural Foundation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was hosting a national queen show and the spokesman for the organizers went on national television urging people to support a particular contestant, could you imagine the national outrage that would encompass this country?

A spokesman for any company must be more responsible when making such pronouncements, as this could embarrass his company wittingly or unwittingly. I am sure the other participants in the show must be scratching their heads wondering if they were given a fair break.

It doesn’t matter which Digicel representative from whatever island – the integrity of the company will be threatened once these irresponsible urgings, which can influence the outcome of this show in favour of one candidate are aired.

A word of advice to SVG TV, please think before you put things on the air. An interview with talented Kiokya would have been good enough.

Jude Knight