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April 29, 2005
What’s wrong with women preachers?

Editor: Living at a time when many old principles are being replaced by modern ideas, the question seems relevant and timely; should women be preachers? By this I mean: a) should women preach publicly in a congregation of mixed believers? b) Should they be the designated leaders of the local church? {{more}}

On matters of faith, one should not seek human opinions for answers. Instead one should look to God’s words, specifically to the New Testament, since we are talking about activities within the church, a New Testament institution.

Many women have performed praiseworthy roles in the Bible. Yet, in spite of the fact that Jesus had some very close female disciples, it is most instructive to

note that when he selected his

12 apostles, not one woman was included. (Luke 8: 2,3; 6: 12-16)

It must also be noted that in the church, there are many important functions for the sisters to perform such as teaching younger women, training children, visiting the sick, supporting personal evangelism efforts and others. However, equally true is the fact that it is written: “Let your women keep silence” (I Cor.14: 33-37); “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man” (I Tim. 2: 11-15). Pastors who are also called elders or bishops “must be blameless, the husband of one wife.” (I Pet. 5:1,2; I Tim. 3: 2)

Did the inspired writers make a mistake? Were these instructions only applicable to Christians of the first century? No! No! And there is nothing in these scriptures to remotely suggest that they were temporal in nature.

This has nothing to do with discrimination; it is a matter of different roles, a matter of obedience. Are we willing to submit to the authority of God?

In Samuel 1, chapter 13, when only the descendants of Levi were allowed to be priests and therefore offer burnt offerings to God, King Saul, a Benjaminite, chose to offer such sacrifice. His reasons for so doing were humanly understandable. A much larger and better-equipped army of Philistines had threatened his army and his men were terrified. He became impatient thinking that Samuel, the prophet, had not arrived at the appointed time to lead in worship and seek divine help. Nonetheless he had disobeyed God, and as a result the kingdom was taken from him.

May we study the Bible very carefully and respectfully and seek not to do our own will but that of the Father. Continuing to defy God’s commands will result in severe sanctions. God is not mocked!

Readers, are you a part of an organization where women are allowed to preach and lead in acts of worship publicly? It may be an identifiable indication that this is not the church that Jesus built. You should resist the practice and turn away and search for truth.

What is wrong with women preachers? The Lord has not authorized it, plain and simple. I hope this is of some help.

Much more on the subject can be found in the scriptures.

Joel H. Jack