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April 29, 2005
Parents, please look after your children!

EDITOR: Parents, please pay more attention to your children! I have observed over the last couple of weeks, some children on the way to school looking far from presentable.

Imagine early Monday morning, these children leaving home with clothes apparently not ironed, hair not combed and generally looking quite unkempt. What is even worse is that on entering the passenger van you can’t help but realise that some of them are still carrying the Friday evening odor of a long evening on the playing field. It is quite evident that their clothes had not been washed over the weekend.{{more}}

Don’t give me that old excuse “it’s because some of them are poor”. Many of us had parents who were poor too but they still washed our clothes or made sure that we washed them every evening if possible. What I know for sure is that we never went to school on Mondays without our clothes being “spick and span” and well groomed.

Please parents, I know most of you are busy rushing off to your work, but make sure your children’s clothes are clean and tidy on evenings so that by morning they will be presentable.

Jude Knight