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March 11, 2005

Hard-working Teachers cry injustice

Editor: The voice of conscience compels me to share with the general public the gross injustice meted out to some teachers, especially in the government assisted schools in this blessed land of ours.

I have watched each end of month as a few of my hardworking teaching colleagues go home without a salary. And this is after they have given of their best, in the interest of education here.{{more}}

Some of them have not been paid since September 2004!

Then there is the vexed question of individuals who function as principals in some government assisted schools. They are not paid as Principals, therefore they are nt entitled to the same benefits as Principals in government schools

These matters have been brought to the attention of the the St. Vincent Union of Teachers, which has done very little to alleviate the teachers’ plight, yet, this same union continues to take our union dues each month, knowing that it does not properly represent the welfare of the membership of the Union.

Dollis Caesar- Alexander