Our Readers' Opinions
March 4, 2005

What kind of justice is this?

EDITOR: I send this letter to be published so that those in authority would know there are concerned Vincentians living abroad who wish for a serious end to the violence in the country.

Starting with the violent shooting of Casper “Dan” Cain of Wallvaroo. {{more}}

The court system in St. Vincent seems more like a playground for criminals. The accused men were set free because someone is too lazy to do their job.

What that is telling the gangsters and the criminals is that it is OK to kill, murder, rape, rob, commit the most heinous crime against anyone and no one has to pay for it. I am sorry to say this, but the Police Commissioner is kidding himself and the people by telling them that St. Vincent is safe.

What this justice system is telling the foreigners and natives who live abroad and want to come and visit, is to come prepared to protect themselves.

Be Safe

PS: On the issue about condoms in prison – first of all the person whoever asked that question is sick to think that it will be something good. You start that and St. Vincent is bound to be like Sodom and Gomorrah.