Our Readers' Opinions
February 25, 2005
Fedup with the postal system

Editor: It is really amazing and stunning to know that as small as our island is, the government and the nationals cannot control an effective flow to our postal system.

I have spoken to numerous Vincentians abroad who regularly send items through the post to their relatives, and what I get from them is the same all the time. Their items went missing; they were stolen; they cannot track them in any way. {{more}}

I got caught in the exact situation a few weeks ago. I sent a package to my family. This was sent by or via express mail, and I understood from the USPS here that this would take no longer than five business days. I paid extra for that service. It has been almost a month now and all I am hearing is that it left the USA and is in St. Vincent, yet when my sister goes to enquire about it, they say it’s not there.

People, this is crazy! Leave this for the bigger countries, we are too small to be tampering with people’s mail. The postal workers are some of the laziest people you will ever meet and they do not care about the service they provide. At the same time, they are very rude and insulting.

Someone needs to look at this very carefully, because this will ultimately affect the progress of the country. A country’s postal system represents that country in the rest of the world and, if it is disgusting and deplorable, that’s what the country is seen as. Soon there will be no post office and then all heads will turn.

I am sure I will never use the Post Office again to send anything to my family.