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January 28, 2005
Why does local mail take so long?

Editor: Did you ever look at the postal date stamped on your local mail? Did you notice that the postal date might be a month or more before the date you picked it out of your post box or received it from General Delivery? {{more}}

My bank is a few hundred feet from the Post Office, but between the time the Post Office stamps their envelope containing my bank statement, and the time it is put into my box varies from seven to 15 days.

My telephone bill for the month of December was post-marked by the Post Office as having been received by them on December 22; it was delivered into my box, a few feet from the side door of the Post Office, on the January 14.

My television cable bill is inevitably delivered after it is due or only a day or two before. My most recent electricity bill, post-marked January 6, was delivered into my box on January 14.

I think the citizens of this island deserve an explanation as to why it should take from a week up to three to four weeks for a piece of mail to move from the Post Office to their box or their slot in General Delivery.

Disgruntled Postal Customer