Our Readers' Opinions
January 28, 2005

ULP, please take stock before next election

EDITOR: I am a well-wisher of the ULP Government.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are trying their best to govern this country in these trying circumstances that exist. {{more}}

After listening to our Prime Minister’s budget presentation, do you think this country can sustain itself? Are we seeing anything happening in terms of manufacturing? Why does it seem like nothing’s happening?

Dr. Gonsalves tells us things will be different, but all over SVG people are saying things bad – the question is why?

We see from the Ministry of Transport Works and Housing, low-income houses, learning resource centres, Leeward Bus Terminal and repairs of police stations. It’s all good, but there is need for productivity in this country if we have to sustain the country’s economy.

Tourism is said to generate the most money in terms of foreign exchange. Our Minister of Tourism seems to be doing a good job, but the Leader of the Opposition pointed out to us that under her watch, tourism has declined in every sector. The question is why? Based on her performance, should people of West Kingstown vote for her again?

Agriculture is an important sector of this country. The ULP spoke about its importance in the last election campaign, but after they won they did not pay enough attention to this important sector, why? Do they think it is not important again? Based on the Agriculture Minister’s performance, should the people vote for her again?

Health Minister Slater is trying his best to improve the Accident and Emergency Centre at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital by increasing nurses, doctors and drugs. But in his constituency, people say that they don’t see him enough. Doctor, why are you not visiting your people? Doctor, go and look for them or they will forget who they should vote for.

Minister Straker is someone I love as a human being. He is our Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is always in and out of this country trying his best with foreign policy. I think he is trying his best based on what is happening. What are you doing for your people? I think you need to spend more time in your constituency or you may just become a constituent.

Our Prime Minister is the Minister of every Ministry. He micro manages. He stands out as the most outstanding minister. He does well in education, science and technology, security and land survey, legal affairs and so he deserves to be voted back. All the best in the next election.

Kingsley De Freitas