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December 17, 2004
Was AIDS disease designed by man?

Editor: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) – a very dangerous and frightening condition, which eventually leads to death. What is the origin of AIDS and is there a way to control this life-threatening disease?

AIDS has been around for some time now and since its discovery in 1981, 23 million people have now been affected in just 23 years and there has never been a conclusive explanation as to its origin. {{more}}This has prompted arguments as to whether this is a man-made or natural disease.

We argue in many societies about the reason for this rampant plague. We blame governments, churches, homosexuals, promiscuous sex-driven teen-agers and the list goes on.

We must not, however, forget that viruses can be concocted in any science lab. Addition-ally, the great warring nations of the world have been known to produce germs as war tools for military purposes, including the smallpox virus, napalm, mustard gas, etc.

The Earth today is burdened with an entire generation where morals and principles seem to be absent and where there is a growing tendency towards crime, violence and sexual promiscuity. These are all ripe conditions for the easy spread of the virus.

When we look at the rate of infections and the age groups most affected by the virus we must ask ourselves if this virus was not purposely designed to rid this world of the present generation. Think about it!

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