Our Readers' Opinions
December 3, 2004
Politics – the NDP style

Editor: Politics, they say, is about people: the greatest benefit for the greatest members, the lowest and the middle lowest. There is also this fallacy that the two aforementioned categories are often victims of their own doings.{{more}}

Be all of that as it may. The 2001 general election here has given birth to a new interpretation of politics, which demands that every Vincentian retreat to silence of our lonely rooms and think of it.

I know of no case in which an opposition political party vying to become government has rigged general elections in this country. The converse is correct.

We need to revisit the 1989, 1994, 1998 and 2001 general elections in that order. (NDP) 15-0, 12-3, 8-7 and 3-12. In less than 24 hours of losing 3-12 they took the decision to make the country ungovernable. How was that decision arrived at?

More important than that question is the callous and wanton inability of this new generation of NDP leaders to accept and embrace due process as the most important pillow for building our country.

It is folly to assume that as a people we could sweep these fundamentally basic principles under the carpet and move on to another subject.

It is pointless standing on the street corner complaining, when we have already let slip the dogs of war. It is these growing feathers that need to be plucked from this budding generation of opposition NDP politician.

Stanley M. Quammie